Repair and after-sales service for your boiler, boiler room or heating system 

Is your boiler or your circulator leaking? Is a motor valve not responding? Do you have a clogged circuit? Whatever complication is affecting the hydraulic parts, the heating system or the control system, ADCS in Geneva intervenes rapidly to correct the problem. Our fully equipped vehicles and complete supply of equipment enables us to act quickly on your boiler, boiler room or heating system. 

Maintenance subscription for your boiler, boiler room or heating system.

Did you know that it is recommended to de-silt your heating system every 10 years? As for your hot water heater, it should be de-scaled every 3 years, depending on the area in which you live. Our subscription offers guarantee you special prices and we take over the complete maintenance of your boiler, boiler room or heating system. ADCS in Geneva takes complete charge of your equipment and organises the necessary maintenance within the correct time frame. 

Boiler room monitoring

To respect safety requirements and correct operation, boiler rooms must comply with regulatory obligations for inspection and monitoring. ADCS in Geneva replies to the needs of real estate agencies and periodically checks safety and performance of heating systems for blocks of flats. Our maintenance contracts offer several levels of service. In order to study your specific needs, please contact us.

Free estimate

Our technicians intervene on site and assess your hydraulic installations, boilers and boiler rooms.  We immediately make any necessary repairs. We are also in a position to recommend solutions to reduce your energy consumption and prolong the lifetime of your equipment. The study of a sanitisation proposal is free of charge. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information.


ADCS in Geneva installs, sanitises and repairs your hydraulic installations, boilers and boiler rooms.

Contact us for an appointment or a free estimate.