Boiler room installation and sanitisation

Does your heat generator need changing? Low temperature boilers, condensing boilers, gas/oil fuel, etc. ADCS is specialised in sanitising and installing boilers and boiler rooms in Geneva, and will help you choose the efficient boiler that suits you best.

Installation and sanitation of water heating devices

Boilers with integrated cylinders, hot water heaters, thermodynamic heaters, solar powered hot water, etc. ADCS in Geneva is partner to many reference brands. We assist you in your choice of your hot water heater and guarantee high quality sanitisation and installation.

Electronic temperature control

To save energy and maintain comfortable temperatures adjusted to your lifestyle, ADCS in Geneva offers devices for automatic regulation of central heating installations, sanitary hot water systems, swimming pool heating systems, heat pumps and forced air ventilation systems.

Energy efficiency

Do you wish to make savings on heating, prolong your equipment lifetime and reduce polluting emissions to the atmosphere? ADCS complies with the energy policy initiated by the canton of Geneva, and will advise you on installing efficient boilers and heating systems: heat pumps, condensing boilers, solar systems, etc.

Chimney casing

 ADCS in Geneva offers a complete range of casings, fitting all types of chimney flues and all boiler smoke extraction systems. Contact us for further information.

SOS Boiler Breakdown service

When no maintenance contract is subscribed, repairing a boiler, boiler room or heating system can be expensive. ADCS in Geneva offers subscriptions and maintenance contracts for your equipment and boiler rooms


ADCS in Geneva installs, sanitises and repairs your hydraulic installations, boilers and boiler rooms.

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