Hydraulic repairs and installations

To ensure proper functioning and preventive maintenance of your boiler room, ADCS in Geneva installs and renovates all the hydraulic components of your heating system:

  • Expansion chamber(s)
  • Circulator(s)
  • Motor valve(s)
  • Radiator valve(s)
  • Manifold(s) for underfloor heating systems
  • Radiator(s)
  • Hot water heaters, etc.

Our technicians install, check and make the necessary adjustments to the hydraulic components of your boiler room, to comply fully with the applicable safety rules and installation standards.

Removing silt from the heating circuit

Are your radiators becoming less efficient? Or is your underfloor heating system having trouble? Is your boiler or your installation making unusual noises? Have you noticed a loss of heat?  It is time to arrange a de-silting of your heating circuit with ADCS. Our technicians remove all undesirable matter from your heating system, which would otherwise impair the good functioning of your radiators and underfloor heating. ADCS in Geneva assesses the condition of your heating system, and then removes silt mechanically or chemically (process to be renewed every 10 years).

De-scaling hot water heaters

Scale deposits hinder the proper functioning of your water system and lead to excessive consumption which impacts your energy bill. ADCS in Geneva recommends de-scaling of hot water heaters every 3 years, depending on the area in which you live.

SOS Boiler Breakdown service

ADCS in Geneva can solve hydraulic problems and offers solutions to optimise your heating systems and guarantee correct maintenance of your equipment.


ADCS in Geneva installs, sanitises and repairs your hydraulic installations, boilers and boiler rooms.

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